Oxygen Absorbers are used in food packaging to prevent changes in the color of food, stop oils in food from becoming rancid, and retard the growth of oxygen-using aerobic microorganisms such as fungi.

Oxygen Absorber is SAFE to use, NON-TOXIC and ODORLESS. Keep FRESHNESS and TASTE of FOOD when used with proper packaging and sealing.

Applications: Mooncakes, Cakes, Cookies, Nuts, Rice, Herbs, Dried Meat, Sausages, Drugs, Pet Foods, Pet Drugs, Art Preservation, Metals…..

Standard Product Types available:

20 CC                                                  Packing: 10,000 pieces per carton

30 CC                                                  Packing: 8,000 pieces per carton

50CC                                                   Packing: 6,000 pieces per carton

100CC                                                 Packing: 4,000 pieces per carton

200 CC                                                Packing: 3,000 pieces per carton

PACKAGING FILMS:  Packaging material should be a HIGH GAS BARRIER MATERIAL

Recommended Packaging Material: KOP/CPP, KOP/PE, KNY/PE, LAMINATED ALU, etc.

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